• We strongly recommend that you request a prescription at least two days in advance.
    You can submit a request for a prescription either through the Maccabi website (using a password) or by phoning into the clinic.

  • In order to take a blood test, you will first need to obtain a referral from your doctor. Bring that referral with you to the nearest Maccabi laboratory. Most Maccabi laboratories operate on Sundays through Thursdays morning. The closest Maccabi laboratories to our clinic are on 10 Balfour St. and 7 Hashla St, and they are open from 07:00-11:30.

  • “Form 17” is a document that provides a commitment from Maccabi to fund certain services and procedures (such as a CT or an MRI) that are not provided in its own facilities.
    In order to obtain this form, you will need to obtain a referral from your doctor. Once you have obtained the referral, you contact Maccabi via mailfaxwebsite.

  • You can fill a prescription in any pharmacy that accepts Maccabi prescriptions or in any Maccabi-Pharm.
    The following pharmacies are near our clinic:
    Superpharm, 129 Dizengoff St. (on the corner of Gordon St.) 
    Maccabi-Pharm, 27 King George St.
  • Pediatricians, gynecologists, orthopedists, surgeons, urologists, dermatologists, otolaryngologists and ophthalmologists.