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Private patients only - please call 050-5776141.
Maccabi health fund members - please call 053-9955893 or use the links below:

  • To schedule an appointment with   Dr. Kordevani click here.
  • To schedule an appointment with Dr. Nof Sadeh click here.

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Visiting Hours

 Dr. Kordevani:

Sun   14:30-19:00
Mon 08:30-15:30  
Tue 08:30-15:30  
Wed   14:00-19:00 
Thu 08:30-15:00  
Fri 08:30-11:30  

Dr. Noff-Sadeh:

Sun 08:30-12:00  
Tue   16:00-18:40
Wed 11:00-13:30  
Thu   15:00-17:00 
Fri 08:30-11:30 once a month